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Industry Facts and Agency Scams

QuickBook wants you to "know before you go"...

There are about 3000 modeling schools / agencies and "website only agencies" operating in North America. Only a handful are fully legitimate talent booking agencies like QuickBook. Many get people jobs, but sell expensive classes, photos and composite cards you shouldn't have to pay for. Agencies that charge money for things that you do not need make a bad name for the entire industry.
The advise and opinions expressed below are provided as a public service from:

Consumer Business Organizations
State Attorney Generals offices
State Labor Commissioners
Retired and active reputable talent agents along with the staff of QuickBook Nationwide.
There is nothing wrong with paying for something of value like Zed Cards (composites)or agency insurance to maintain the respect and continued bookings from hiring clients. Just understand the "value" of something before you pay. Classes, workshops, portfolios and conventions cost thousands and do nothing for you...

Many agencies earn a living selling completely worthless classes.
You should never be REQUIRED to pay for classes or workshops.

No legitimate agency would require you pay for classes or workshops, or expect you to PAY to attend a convention. If the agency honestly feels that you need any training they should pay for it up front for you.

Clients seldom, if ever, require "trained" models.

Most agencies employ "High Pressure Salespeople" to sell you classes and photos, for thousands of dollars.
When you feel that the "down payment" on classes or a photo shoot is more important to the "salesperson / interviewer" than your career, or you are asked to sign a contract with no time to look it over... LEAVE!

A quality respectable agency knows that you will return when you are ready and has no reason to pressure you.

Salespeople in Modeling Schools make a living selling you classes.
It's amazing that the "last class opening this year" is somehow available to you - if you just "sign up today". ARE YOU LUCKY OR WHAT?!

Just think if you pay these people money you will be "as famous as the people on their walls" - that they probably do NOT represent in the first place. Click the light on in your brain and find your way out of such money traps.

Many agencies like to brag about who they have made "big".
Just because one model or actor "made it" does not mean that you will. Talking with former models, current models, (or the owners "friends" pretending to be with the agency) should not justify joining an agency.

The merits of an agency should be prevalent in their overall work record for models and actors, and their apparent concern toward helping you achieve your goals.

QuickBook represents ONLY a small group of qualified talent with potential.

Some agencies promise big pay and big jobs.
Models and actors are selected by clients that hire talent. How can an "agent" promise you something that they do not have to offer? With the exception of major agencies representing SuperModels that have "open contracts to book", don't believe promises of "big pay and big jobs" as NO agency can guarantee jobs.

This is a business of luck and timing, enhanced greatly by massive exposure, marketing & advertising through a quality well established agency like QuickBook. Your demeanor and good looks assist the process greatly as well!

Many agencies "boast" that they will market you and expose you to clients after you PAY for classes and pictures.
If you think an agency is going to market you for FREE, think again! At many agencies you are lucky to be placed in a file drawer after "graduation" or "photo shoot" - instead of the trash can. Overnight delivery (such as FedEx) of your printed Color Zed Cards (composite cards), National Marketing of you to major clients through media, plus quality web representation (in addition to the talent agency overhead/expenses) costs a great deal each day.

Advertising and marketing is not cheap, and takes expertise that few "talent agents" have. You should expect to pay some (not all) expenses to market your look. After all, both you and your agency want you to succeed - neither of you can guarantee success.

Many agencies accept everyone that walks in...
Agencies that sell classes, photos, workshops, and conventions - want as many sales as possible. The commissioned salespeople in high pressure offices are more concerned with their income and job security than your future. At many agencies the salespeople have a quota of classes to sell each week or they get fired!

Anyone can make it in this business with a good marketable look and personality. It does not take a predetermined height, age, or specific "look". An experienced booking agent can usually tell by one good snapshot if you have what it takes. The rest is up to you at auditions. (That is where a great personality comes in to play.) If you think that you are a "gift" to the industry, you will need to climb off your horse. If you are sure that you can't make it, you probably won't.

Determination and positive attitude, combined with a well respected and experienced agency like QuickBook is the right direction for aspiring models.

Beware of most websites: "Virtual Internet Agencies"... that do not really exist.

QuickBook is a real agency with actual booking agents and offices nationwide. Our website assists clients employing talent.
Paying monthly to be on a site that puts your personal info and pictures on the Internet is not going to give you exposure to clients - just strangers and perverts. It is wasted money.

Clients rely on reputable agencies like QuickBook with real live booking agents and 24/7 assistance in cities nationwide that have helped them book talent on jobs for decades.

The addition of a website to a reputable agency like QuickBook is a great tool for clients to review you. QuickBook pays for and distributes color Zed Cards to clients worldwide. Most importantly, QuickBook has decades of quality service to the industry and is relied upon by clients for finding models and actors of all ages in cities everywhere.

Paying to attend a convention and be "discovered" is a joke. A quality agency will have your face exposed to every major hiring client and leading booking agent at top agencies - every day throughout the year - they will not seek you out at a "modeling convention".

If you expect to be "discovered" in one or two days at a costly convention with bogus "scouts" you should start buying lotto tickets - and prepare to be ripped off.

Most important:
There is nothing wrong with paying for something of value Just understand the "value" before you pay. Classes, workshops, portfolios and conventions, do not "take" you to clients, therefore they have no "value" in finding you work.